Movie tune-in music

An ambient soundscape created for the opening evening of an independent movie theater. Soundscape tuned the audience in to the atmosphere of the movie in question – Nuovomondo. Kino Tapiola wished the soundscape to rise subliminally from the ambient noise of the theater surroundings. Four minutes of ambient noise have been cut from the beginning.

The track uses samples from following Freesound contributors: c97059890, Corsica S, Fonogeno, Greysound, Jasinski and Schalkalwis


Resonant City

Soiva kaupunki is an interactive sound installation, which utilizes contact microphones to reveal the hidden properties of the resonant urban trash (Soiva kaupunki = Resonant city). The recording is from year 2002 installation.

The objects are gathered in an intuitive and improvised fashion, and hung by wires to make them float freely. Microphones are attached to the objects and their output is fed through effects processors in order to turn the characteristic sound of each object into an ever changing ambient collage, to which all the participants contribute by manipulating the objects.

2002 Lahden taidelauantai
2007 Olohuone, Turku


Yacht Club Records

Established in 2003 by four diverse audiovisual guys, this smallest of small independent label continues its majestic travels across the sea of electronic and acoustic soundwaves. / BandcampFacebook

2003 – Yacht Club Volume One: Alkumeri
2007 – Yacht Club Volume Two: Pallomeri

Purchasing options and links to free downloads on the Yacht Club website.



Luonne never rehearses together and the freeform collective meets almost only on gigs, refreshing the unforgotten memories and past future experiences via the air, that is vital to the human organism in this world of relative dependencies. / MySpace / Facebook

2005 – Luonne CD
2006 – Luonne DVD

Releases and live performances available from the Archive


Music and effects for a tribal fight sequence

This work was a part of my thesis project, in which I had volunteered to be the sound designer for Dragonbane; a Live-Action Role Play of huge proportions realized in the woods of rural Sweden. The concept and synopsis of the film was partially written by me.