Music for a strip tease show

Suggestive and tempting production.

This is a two minute excerpt of the 16 minute track. The artist needed music for her Christmas themed performances. Besides the holiday feel the track needed to convey S/M overtones, and be exciting enough to make her move.

I began the work by playing with the notes of Jingle Bells, and soon the basslines revealed themselves. The rhythm is relaxed but able to carry the action forward. Slowly and definitely the details and structures appear. Tribal and ancient elements add to the suggestive and tempting mystery, which teasingly stays just out of reach.

The music sets and supports the stage, but doesn’t take it.

By Janne Särkelä

Sanara Creations is the professional dimension of sound designer, producer and artist Sarana / Janne Särkelä.

Tools: Logic, Cubase , Pro Tools, Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Final Cut, Premiere, Max/MSP/Jitter, Plogue Bidule, Flash/AS, CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, OSX/Win/Linux, Arduino, Processing, Captivate, Storyline.

Janne resides in Helsinki, Finland at the moment, and works at Digital Lessons Finland as the Senior Technical Developer.