Augmented reality art piece based on street signs

ORB is a work commissioned by Juha van Ingen. The installation turns ordinary street sign post into a pedestal for a virtual sculpture.


Website and gallery for an art project related to clothing

ensaemble website

I’ve been lucky to work with Ensæmble. Not only to create this showcase website for them, but also earlier in 2015 I collaborated with them to create a data driven dance piece. I was more than happy to help to realise the website to the specifications of Ensaemble. It is made of five triptychs, and the individual images change at randomly chosen specified intervals. Take a look!


Responsive WordPress theme for an art project website

International Teletext Art Festival website needed to be transformed into a responsive WordPress site. Besides being the main site for the festival it presents the works by the artists in a virtual gallery.

A unique custom WordPress theme was created from the ground up.


Browser based gamified audiovisual art piece



Inter_active is a gamified installation by Juha van Ingen, inspired by the ancient Moksha Patam (the ladder to salvation), commonly known as the snakes and ladders game.

The artists wanted there to be two paths, which in practice meant two sequences of dozens of images side by side on the screen. The images are animated gifs, and the player advances on the path by pressing keyboard buttons.

The images are accompanied by a sound track, realized by selected sound artists. The sounds loop independently from the images, and the player is able to stop or play a sound. The sound selection also advances sequentially, and maximum of two sounds can be heard at the same time.

The main challenge is to see all of the animations and reach the end. The player is also able to create a combination of images and sounds, and thus become a creator in the process.

The work was realized with HTML5, CSS and Javascript (jQuery).


PHP based website scraper and .ics vCalendar file creator

KAVA, The national audiovisual archive of Finland has its own cinema, but they don’t provide standard .ics vCalendar of the movie showtimes for downloading or subscription. However, they have their own web store to buy tickets, and the page is neatly formatted.

I decided to practice website scraping a bit and as a bonus to try to create an ICS vCalendar file from the scraped data. The result is basically for my own use, but available for everybody (Download link of the generated calendar). The caveat is that if KAVA decides to change the layout the code wouldn’t work anymore, so be warned that the calendar may be broken then for a while.

The showtimes don’t change that much, so it’s safe to set the update period to once per week. Set the subscription to the address


KAVA has changed their site’s layout and the code is not functional any longer. Take a peek at the website scraper code and hack on!