X.0 – Techno from Kuusaa

X.0 (x dot zero) is a nostalgic techno trip to the 90s.

X.0 is Janne Särkelä and Asko Lintunen.

Tracks are paired with music videos on our YouTube channel.


  • X.0 [BAE043] – ever expanding digital release on Bandcamp


Site that plays melodies from real time lightning data

The website shows lightning strikes on a map, and it is based on the real time lightning strike data by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. It is also possible to play the lightning strikes as a melody, which is based on the properties of the lightning strikes.

A piece of music which is based on an improvised session over the soundtrack of the lightning strikes: R Dimensio – Salamatar

Music Musician Sound Visual

Music video and a mix for an ambient jazz piece

I created the music video for an ambient jazz piece. The piece was composed from session recordings with multi-instrumentalist Antti Kero.


Sound post-production and mixing of a rap/reggae remote jam

Sodankylä Jam Sessions realised a remote jam sessions, where musicians played their parts at their homes. The recordings were compiled into a song and a video. I post-processed the sound and mixed the song together.


Remix of a techno track

I created a remix of a track called Traumoja by Uusiop3rh3.

Original / Uusiop3rhe on SoundCloud