Sonification of a tree – Requiem for the Tree of the Glass Palace

In the downtown of Helsinki there is a place called Lasipalatsin audio (Glass Palace Square). The place is going to be renovated, and the square too. In the middle of the square there is a tree, which will be cut. A group of artists decided to create a group of works for the tree. I was also asked to participate.

I decided to take photos of the tree, which I would then use as the source for a sound process. In the process the photo is scanned from left to right. The white portion provides date for a group of oscillators, waveforms and filters. The final piece is a result of one of the passes.


Sound of the Rings of Saturn – A sonification of Space

The rings of Saturn look like a spectrogram, so it occurred to me try how it would sound like. In essence, this a sonification of space!

Sound was created by using an authentic image of rings of Saturn as a spectral source to a series of filters. A 1 pixel slice of the image of the rings was extracted

The ring spectrogram was divided into three color planes, and the color intensity values were transformed into resonant filter cutoff frequencies. In essence one filter unit (per color plane) has 256 sounds playing simultaneously. The individual filters are placed along the x-axis so, that the stereo image consists of 256 steps from left to right. The last two sounds were created with 1024 voices and 3×340 voices.

The spectrum was compressed to a couple of ranges. In some sounds a small variation in certain divider factor per color plane is introduced for a slight chorus like effect. The original lossless sound bits are available on Freesound.


Poster art for a global grassroots activist event

12M Poster Global Action Day Occupy HelsinkiThe poster art needed to convey the feelings of immediacy, internationality and determination, and especially the principle of universal humanism to which the so called Occupy movement is built on.

In the poster the main lines of history of the movement is presented all the way to the occupying of Finland. Besides the poster acts as the timetable for the event.


Graphics and illustrations for website

Logo propositions and illustrations for website ( about brain drain and missed opportunities for the nation, who is not helping.


Poster artwork for an activist event

Occupy mbar

Occupy Helsinki organized a support event at a local bar. The event displayed audiovisual productions of the global occupy movement and brought the street atmosphere into a bar environment.

The humanist objectives of the movement needed to be separated from the classical leftist visual style.

The occupy movement is non-violent and all encompassing struggle against selfishness – the themes the poster artwork conveys.