Mixing and Mastering Songs for a Movie Soundtrack

A few songs from the soundtrack of Anni, a Finnish indie feature film. The songs have been written, performed and produced by Simo Salo, and they are presented here as mix demos on my behalf.


Composing Soundtrack Music for a Documentary Film

Musical contributions for a Finnish Zeitgeist inspired documentary film Ajan henki. Not all of the tracks on this reel were used for the final soundtrack. Besides the soundtrack music created for the occasion sarana live sets were employed for certain scenes.

I also created the Dolby Digital 3.1 mix for the final soundtrack and post-processed the sound.


Sound designer of an indie feature movie

I worked as the sound designer for Anni, a Finnish indie feature movie production. I also did on site recording, foley effects and mixing. The movie was directed by Jussi Einola and produced by Joonas Einola.

Besides mixing the movie soundtrack I also mixed and mastered the music and created a few original pieces using material from the composer (Simo Salo).

Anni uses samples and source material by contributors, who are listed below.


Yacht Club Records

Established in 2003 by four diverse audiovisual guys, this smallest of small independent label continues its majestic travels across the sea of electronic and acoustic soundwaves. / BandcampFacebook

2003 – Yacht Club Volume One: Alkumeri
2007 – Yacht Club Volume Two: Pallomeri

Purchasing options and links to free downloads on the Yacht Club website.


Music and effects for a tribal fight sequence

This work was a part of my thesis project, in which I had volunteered to be the sound designer for Dragonbane; a Live-Action Role Play of huge proportions realized in the woods of rural Sweden. The concept and synopsis of the film was partially written by me.