Sanara Creations is the professional dimension of sound designer, producer and artist Sarana / Janne Särkelä. Janne is a sound designer, music producer and a mechatronics engineer.

Tools: Logic, Cubase, Live, Pro Tools, Adobe product family, Final Cut, Max/MSP/Jitter, CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Python, OSX/Win/Linux, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Processing, Articulate Storyline / 360, Git, sensor technologies

Janne’s latest job was at Digital Lessons Finland as the Senior Technical Developer in the field of Online Media Technologies.

Filmography on IMDB. All Sanara Creations sound and music works on

He’s the other artist behind the 1000 year GIF animation AS Long As Possible, and a founding member of the Yacht Club Records, an indie label sailing the sea of sounds.

Janne’s work has been presented on Hyperallergic, Gizmodo, Vice, Ink Tank, Fast Co.Design and many more.

Thank you to all partners, co-creators and co-workers.