Browser based gamified audiovisual art piece



Inter_active is a gamified installation by Juha van Ingen, inspired by the ancient Moksha Patam (the ladder to salvation), commonly known as the snakes and ladders game.

The artists wanted there to be two paths, which in practice meant two sequences of dozens of images side by side on the screen. The images are animated gifs, and the player advances on the path by pressing keyboard buttons.

The images are accompanied by a sound track, realized by selected sound artists. The sounds loop independently from the images, and the player is able to stop or play a sound. The sound selection also advances sequentially, and maximum of two sounds can be heard at the same time.

The main challenge is to see all of the animations and reach the end. The player is also able to create a combination of images and sounds, and thus become a creator in the process.

The work was realized with HTML5, CSS and Javascript (jQuery).


Composing Soundtrack Music for a Documentary Film

Musical contributions for a Finnish Zeitgeist inspired documentary film Ajan henki. Not all of the tracks on this reel were used for the final soundtrack. Besides the soundtrack music created for the occasion sarana live sets were employed for certain scenes.

I also created the Dolby Digital 3.1 mix for the final soundtrack and post-processed the sound.


Sound designer of an indie feature movie

I worked as the sound designer for Anni, a Finnish indie feature movie production. I also did on site recording, foley effects and mixing. The movie was directed by Jussi Einola and produced by Joonas Einola.

Besides mixing the movie soundtrack I also mixed and mastered the music and created a few original pieces using material from the composer (Simo Salo).

Anni uses samples and source material by contributors, who are listed below.


Music for a promotional video

The piece was created for a promotional video, which I also sound designed. The video promotes a wooden stair design and construction company. For this reason I chose wooden instruments for the melody.


Music for a short feature

The video depicts a scene from a short feature ‘Astronautti’, which was directed by Topias Parkkonen. The sound player has the complete sound track, which consists of five pieces. The first four pieces are tied together by one low frequency sound. When the protagonist is releaved from his childhood traumas in the ending scene by the help from a girl he has fallen in love with, the low frequency sound ceases to haunt him.

The melodies and other material from various analogue synthesizers were recorded straight to the sound editor without much rehearsal or careful composing. The film was played on the screen at the same time and the feeling of the scenes and the story intuitively transformed into music.

The method didn’t allow any midi sequencing, because there wasn’t any specific tempo set and the sounds of various synthesizers was directly recorded. During the editing phase the sounds were further processed and cut to fit better to the events of the film. The method was fast, sensitive and intuitive, and the result organic and fitting.