Sound designer of an indie feature movie

Recording, foley effects, mixing and sound design for a feature film.

I worked as the sound designer for Anni, a Finnish indie feature movie production. I also did on site recording, foley effects and mixing. The movie was directed by Jussi Einola and produced by Joonas Einola.

Besides mixing the movie soundtrack I also mixed and mastered the music and created a few original pieces using material from the composer (Simo Salo).

Anni uses samples and source material by contributors, who are listed below.

acclivity, adcbicycle, amszala, Anton, audible edge, Benboncan, bennychico11, Bram, boziav, csengeri, dobroide, dkristian, dommygee, Dynamicell, fonogeno, FreqMan, gadzooks, gelo papas, gezortenplotz, Glaneur de sons, hazure, hello flowers, HerbertBoland, homejrande, inchadney, ingeos, j1987, jasinski, jimblodget, juskiddink, LG, lonemonk, malexmedia, martian, miastodzwiekow, mikaelfernstrom, MRQZ, nathanprtII, pempi, pushtobreak, RHumphries, Robinhood76, rutgermuller, RZ 1, sagetyrtle, sandyrb, Schalkalwis, scarfield, Slanesh, slerner, stephsinger22, thealchemist12, THE bizniss, tigersound, Timbre, timofei, timtube, tmc zach, ToddBradley, Tomlija, ViaTorci, zebraphone, xef6, xyzr kx, YngvieM