Music has always existed, waiting to be heard.

A solo musical project since the beginning of the universe and beyond. Several live performances, which usually take hours to fold out, and hundreds of single tracks produced over the years. Approaches the laminarity and supraconduction through intuition, improvisation and unpredictability. A psychophysical expedition on the wavecrest of the caleidoscopic reality. /Soundcloud/ Facebook


2021 – Ea EP (Voyager 1 records, France)
2019 – Apokatastasis EP (Voyager 1 records, France)
2009 – Andra (Atmoworks, USA)
2004 – Ajan Geometria (Atmoworks, USA)

Releases available on Bandcamp. Live performances available from the

By Janne Särkelä

Sanara Creations is the professional dimension of sound designer, producer and artist Sarana / Janne Särkelä.

Tools: Logic, Cubase , Pro Tools, Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Final Cut, Premiere, Max/MSP/Jitter, Plogue Bidule, Flash/AS, CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, OSX/Win/Linux, Arduino, Processing, Captivate, Storyline.

Janne resides in Helsinki, Finland at the moment, and works at Digital Lessons Finland as the Senior Technical Developer.