Poster for a humanitarian campaign

Even if we feel that we can’t afford to give we throw stuff away and consume extensively.

Poverty is in your handsPoverty is in your hands

We can all contribute to the flow of giving and sharing. If the channel is broken the ones below are the first to suffer.

All of the power is in our hands. You should be free to to do with them what ever you wish for. Why is it that we cannot give from what we have? Is it because we feel that we are too poor, or is it because we are selfish, or do we already barely live from what we can get.

How come so much is wasted then? The ones in the bottom live from the waste that is thrown away… Equalizing the flow means less wasting and more giving, a better life for everyone.

Poverty touches all levels of life, not just the poor. That poverty exists means that we are all poor. The ones who give are the richest of the world.

This poster is the call for action, and a sad display of today’s reality – but there’s hope too.

The campaign website. If you have a Facebook account you can vote for (like) the image here in the campaigns competition album. The voting is on until August 31st.