Live feeds from Deepwater Horizon disaster site

The feeds from the remote operated vehicles at the Deepwater Horizon disaster area on a single page.

I don’t know how long the operations at the BP oil spill site are going to take, but they can be followed via live feeds from underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV) working at the site. I’ve collected the feeds to a single page. (Operations are over, link is disabled).

It’s convenient to save the page and open the resulting HTML file locally on your computer. The page acts as a mediator, so you can take it anywhere. If you change the size of the browser window the media player sizes can be set to accommodate the new window size by refreshing/reloading the page.

Clicking the title of a feed opens the view to a pop-up window.

Update 20th July: New feeds have been added.
Update 18th August: Inactive feeds removed.
Update 2nd September:
Feeds added
Update 18th September: Feeds updated
Update 5th November: Main operations at the site have ended and the page has been taken down.

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Feeds may blackout from time to time because of many reasons. The ships may be moving to another position for example. The feed URLs are valid so the images should be back online as soon as possible.

The feed page works best on Windows platform because of the the nature of the original feeds and the player used. The feeds are also available from BP so you can double check their status there if necessary.

Here’s more complete list of feeds and instructions to open them on a platform independent player.

Thanks for spreading the link to my multifeed page.

On “official” BP feeds page it says “Boa Deep C has left the MC252 operations area”.

Hello again! Thank you for your site with all the ROV feeds on one page. I watch all the time from the Texas gulf coast.
Noticed today on the “official” BP page that they have added BOA SUB C after a question to Kent Wells. Found this exchange at the following website:
QuantumUS on August 20, 2010 – 10:45am Permalink | Subthread |
From Kent Wells Briefing yesterday!
Operator: Your next question comes from the line of (Trip Hannah), The Oil Drum IRC.
(Trip Hannah): Hi, Kent. We’ve sorely missed you. My question had to do with the ROV feeds. And, I’m just curious about the BOA subsea ROVs and just wanted to point out that those feeds have never been released, and I was just curious if there’s a way we could get those released to the American public.

Kent Wells: Yes. I’m certainly not aware that we have not been making all our ROV feeds available; at least certainly any that are doing any sort of work. But, let me – I’m not looking at the ROV feeds right now, so, once again, let me take a look at that, and we’ll make sure that there’s full transparency on any ROV work that’s going on. But, appreciate there’s not a lot going on right now with the ROVs.
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